Born in Brazil, I moved to Barcelona in 1989, living there until 1993 when I moved to Copenhagen where I live and  work today.

Architect since 1987

Graphic designer between 1996 and 2002

Jewellery artist since 1990

Partner at Kunst og Håndværk store since 2011 where you can see and buy my exclusive and unique pieces, in addition to having my special attendance every Friday from 11 am. until 6 pm.

The store it´s located in the heart of Copenhagen next to the Round Tower and the address is Landmærket -9

My philosophy -Wabi Sabi – The Art of Imperfection

Jewellery  was the way I found to carry out my projects the way I liked. Over the years I learned the importance of listening… I love hearing my clients ideas an turn them into reality with my own twist.

I let myself be inspired by the material I have in my hands, letting curiosity and fantasy fly, but I admit to having a special fascination for what exists inside certain machines, computer especially.

I think that certain things are very interesting to just throw away, and I´m a big fan of recycling and mixing these materials with metal.

I choose to create by hand fabrication and I like to think that my clients are home to my pieces, so I don`t make more than 5 similar pieces.

Enjoy and feel free to contact me.